The most wasted character in Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z has completely squandered one of its most interesting villains. Dabura was the king of the Demon Realm and is the wielder of a mighty sword. He was featured in the saga of Majin Boo and had an ability considered peculiar, since if he spit on someone, that person would be turned to stone.

In Dragon Ball Z , Dabura battled the protagonists before the appearance of Majin Boo. On her forehead was an M, which was the symbol “Majin”, which means she was under the control of Babidi , the creator of Majin Boo. Dabura was the strongest of Babidi’s minions, proving his mettle by matching his power to Cell’s and nearly defeating Gohan in a fight. After Majin Boo’s release, Dabura was forced to fight him and ended up dying at Boo’s hands. His last appearance was in the Otherworld along with other Majin Boo victims.

Dabura made a brief appearance in Dragon Ball Super during a flashback. Those were all his appearances in the Dragon Ball franchise. However, there was much more to explore in the story of the King of Demons. During all of his fights, Dabura was under Babidi’s control, but we would definitely see his potential if that hadn’t happened.


Dabura effortlessly killed Kibito and made it impossible for Krillin and Piccolo to battle by spitting on them and turning them to stone. The anime introduced Dabura as the King of the Demon Realm, but never explored it. A character with such a role on his resume didn’t deserve the role of secondary villain. He sure had the potential to lead a war against Goku and Vegeta .

Furthermore, the anime deliberately left him dead. When the protagonists gathered the Dragon Balls to revive the people murdered by Boo, Vegeta said the right words to keep all the villains out of resurrection. That was the anime’s chance to bring Dabura back, but they let it go. So he’s still dead.

In the future of Dragon Ball Super, or perhaps another series in the franchise, we might see the King of Demons again.